County Commissioner Sebolt Endorsement

I’m proud to announce the endorsement of current County Commissioner and LGBTQIA rights leader Ryan Sebolt. Ryan says:

“I’m endorsing Emily Stivers for Ingham County Commissioner based on her experience and values. As a Meridian Township Planning Commissioner, she’s familiar with the rules and procedures that County operates under, which will help make her ready to serve on day one. Her public policy credentials are impressive, with a master’s degree from one of the top schools in the country and a 15-year career fighting for the least-advantaged. Emily will also provide a unique voice as a bisexual woman that will offer a new perspective in our policy discussions. I look forward to being able to work collaboratively with her to advance our shared values, particularly on her ideas for protecting LGBTQIA people at every level of government.”

Thank you, Ryan! With Schuette’s recent declaration that sexuality is not protected from discrimination at the state level, it’s more important than ever that our local elected leaders are prepared to do everything they can to protect LGBTQIA people. I’m absolutely ready to do that as County Commissioner.

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