As a Democrat, I believe we must lift up the poorest among us — through smart policy solutions — in order to advance as a society. I believe that Black Lives Matter, love is love, science is real, more guns make us less safe, and no human being is illegal. The current political and social climate in this country is terrifying. I know we can do better.

As a Millennial, I’ve struggled with crippling student loan debt, a lack of buying power, going without health insurance at times, and other frustrations shared by my generation. We can do better.

As a mom, I have learned the hard way the importance of work-life balance and paid parental leave, along with the incredible burden of mounting healthcare expenses. Not being able to afford to have a baby should never be a reason you decide not to have one. I want to help other moms to have and do better.

My specific positions on these issues:



Unfunded Pensions




Gun Control

Childcare & Family Leave


Abortion Rights