Stivers Pledge: “No Fossil Fuel Money”

I’m proud to have signed the Oil Change USA and Sunrise Movement “No Fossil Fuel Money” Pledge.

I’ll be honest, fossil fuel companies aren’t exactly lining up to donate to local campaigns such as mine. But part of my plan as County Commissioner is to invest Ingham County in renewable energy and conduct an energy audit of our County buildings to eliminate waste and save money.

I am passionate about reducing fossil fuel consumption, decreasing waste, and increasing renewable energy use in Ingham County, and I will carry this pledge with me through my entire career in politics.

For My Father

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Rick Stivers, who received his heart transplant in 2006 and is now in the top 10% of heart transplant successes based on the number of years he has survived.

Dad, I’ll never regret the sacrifices I made to care for you full-time when you were ill and needed me. I’m grateful every day that, in the years since your transplant, you’ve gotten to see me get my master’s degree in Public Policy from one of the top schools in the nation…got to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day…and not only got to meet your grandson, but have gotten to take him for many glorious tractor rides.

I love you, Dad. And in your honor, I’m encouraging everyone to sign up to be an organ donor through Gift of Life Michigan:

Your Daughter,

Brixie & Opsommer Endorse Stivers

“Emily Stivers is the best choice to be our next County Commissioner! When the Great Recession hit, Emily helped families keep their homes. When her father became ill, Emily was his full-time caregiver. Since obtaining her master’s degree, Emily has devoted her career to lifting families out of poverty. As a mom with a passion for helping children, Emily volunteers her time mentoring students. And as a bisexual woman, Emily will fight for our marginalized populations and improve representation and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community.

We need Emily’s energy, experience and determination to fix our roads, protect our environment, complete our trail system and restore the County’s financial heath. We hope you’ll join us by voting Emily Stivers on Tuesday, August 7.”

– Julie Brixie, Meridian Township Treasurer, and Dan Opsommer, Meridian Township Trustee

Stivers Joins American Legion Auxiliary

This Memorial Day, my husband, son and I honored our fallen soldiers and our country by attending a moving ceremony at American Legion Post 269 and AJ’s future school, Vera Ralya Elementary, in our Haslett community.

And what better way to show my respect for our troops — including my dad, a Vietnam War Veteran — than by joining the American Legion Auxiliary! I’m honored to now be a member.

After the service, AJ, Jason and I enjoyed a wonderful barbecue lunch. AJ loved his handmade red poppy flower, and I look forward to teaching him more about this important holiday when he’s old enough to understand. Thanks to the American Legion for putting on a great event for a great cause.