Why I’m Running

I was driving home from work one day last summer and saw workers were FINALLY filling the potholes on Haslett Road. I was so happy, I pulled over and thanked them. But the next day when I drove down Haslett again, the road was still terrible: the asphalt filler, known as “hot patches,” created bumps where the holes used to be. And a few months later, the potholes were back, and worse than ever.

I’m running for Ingham County Commissioner because hot patches aren’t good enough. We need long-term, permanent fixes for our roads, and the same goes for our environment, healthcare, and schools.

As a mother, I want my child to inherit an even better community than the one we live in now. I want him to have access to the best schools, parks and trails, and other amenities we all value and enjoy. At the same time, I recognize that my son will have privilege that others won’t, and I want to make sure we’re lifting up the least advantaged members of our community with protections against LGBTQ+ discrimination, access to affordable healthcare options, and a county alternative school that meets the needs of its students.

Ingham County is a progressive community. But unreasonable pension funding laws and tax cuts at the state level for the richest individuals and businesses have resulted in dwindling revenues shared with the County, forcing hard choices between our priorities. As Commissioner, I’ll conduct careful cost-benefit analyses of our options and endeavor to regularly survey and represent the values of my constituents. For example, smart investments in solar energy for all County buildings will pay for itself in 10 years, and begin returning dividends. Those are the kind of investments I’ll look for as County Commissioner: instead of “hot patch” solutions, I’ll focus on what’s best for our community for generations to come.